What does a real estate lawyer do? Go for house hunting or selling, you will need a legal professional for preparing and reviewing the documents until the closing of the transaction. However, there are several other responsibilities that they handle based on the requirements of the transaction. They are responsible for protecting the rights of the buyers and sellers in mortgage transactions.

While you may be familiar with the role that a real estate lawyer Kelowna plays, here is what you need to know about the role that they play.

1. Transfer of title

A real estate lawyer is responsible for the transfer of title and completes the transactions satisfactorily. Even though clients need to pay overwhelmingly for selling and buying properties and for the refinancing process, it is worth investing in a law professional to help you steer clear of big and unwanted expenses in the long run. They are the ones to register and sign the transfer of title and review it for any errors so that they can be rectified before closing.

2. Legal representation for sellers

A Kelowna real estate lawyer stands as the legal representative of the seller and reviews the legal documents thoroughly. Besides, they also assist in the negotiations between the seller and the buyer’s attorney. You can count on the legal representative for the mortgage payout and make sure that their financial conditions are met properly. If you want to stay away from complexities during the closing, expect the law professional to offer expert guidance on the legal documents. The key is to get their advice long before the process begins to ensure that the process of selling moves smoothly.

3. Handling the due diligence

Often property owners and buyers wait for too long before hiring a lawyer. Many of them think about legal help when they have already signed the contract and realise the impending issues later. It’s time you know that the money invested in hiring a legal professional is well spent. They handle the due diligence before buying a property and eventually save you money and uncover the risks.

4. Legal help for home buyers

Research reveals that, about one in every three homebuyers admits to regretting at some point in the home-buying process. First-time home buyers often complain about the unexpectedly long time spent completing the transactions. Many buyers lack confidence when purchasing properties and several others seem depressed when the property, they buy does not match their expectations. Do you want to buy a home and realise later that you have overpaid? What is the solution? Search for a real estate lawyer near me in Canada and see how they mediate between you and the lender and set the terms of negotiation right. Apart from this, they also provide valuable guidance on obtaining home insurance, and inspection services, and understanding the tax implications.

A qualified law professional can be held responsible to determine the misallocation of funds and transfer the money to the appropriate parties. From reviewing the legal documents along with the purchase agreement, ensuring that there are no liens or claims against the property, arranging for title insurance, drawing up the mortgage documents, and closing the transactions, there are many roles that a real estate lawyer manages all the way. When buying a property in Canada, you can trust Peter Borszcz who has extensive experience in handling a multitude of roles as a real estate lawyer in Kelowna.

5. Assist the closing process

The closing process is one of the most crucial aspects of every real estate deal. In this process, the parties exchange financials and assets. But a lawyer needs to review the documents that are part of the deal and handle the drafting and the statement of adjustments.

Other duties of a real estate lawyer:

Some of the less obvious duties of a real estate lawyer In Canada are:

  • Carrying out due diligence to boost investment decisions and protect future assets.
  • Mitigating land issues resulting from estate negotiations and offering insights into tax implications
  • Appearing on behalf of clients in real estate litigations

You are aware now that a real estate lawyer Kelowna is a helpful resource to rely on for transactions and saves you money and time through the organisation of the deal. So, don’t walk alone when you have an expert lawyer to manage the transactions smoothly.